Our Story

Shilat Eliav’s entrepreneurial spirit and her business and creative abilities were already evident when she was in elementary school, in the development town where she grew up.In middle age, Shilat established beauty salons, for hair styling, styling and fashion.Andoperated them from her homeEven then she began to expose her friends and familyTo a prestigious and boutique world of rich taste, and breathtaking style!
The brand that bears her name, she set up with ten fingers, without financial help and thus proved that anything is possible!
Shilat is considered the most promising young fashion designer in Israel.Before she turned 18,Shilat is the owner and founder of the fashion house,”SHILAT ELIAV”.Which presents fashion with a luxurious European fragrance, and cross-border style.At an affordableand decent price, and with a standard of meticulous quality.You are welcome to put on your clothes and be impressed by yourself!



The “Shilat Eliav” fashion house combines luxury and quality at the highest level, with a meticulous standard mark, yet accessible and unique.
Our products come out of the fashion house in limited editions, and in unique, and luxurious designs with an emphasis on uncompromising quality that guarantees a long-term experience.

We see the fashion house as a pioneer and leader in its field. Every garment and garment undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process,
 During which each step and stage is examined,
From button strength tests, meticulous quality tests, compliance with tear tests, color retention, finish tests and more.

As a brand whose leading values ​​are commitment to our customers, generosity, quality and rigor, we are committed
Because every product that comes out of the fashion house is a leading quality product with our stamps.

We invite you to continue to enjoy our products,
 And are there for you for any question or suggestion.