Reservations on site:

How to order on the site?
All you have to do is tap on the model you want to order, choose your size and color (if available) and add to the basket!
Once you've added to the basket, click on the "shopping cart", if you want to add more items to the cart, click "Back to Store" in a pop-up that will pop up immediately when you put the item in the cart, if you want to close the order continue to the "shopping cart" and enter your details :)

Can I buy as a "guest"?
of course! Can be bought as a guest!
But if you want to get VIP benefits and vouchers, you need to sign up!

The first time I buy online, can I place a phone order?
Definitely! For that, call customer service +972556834141 and will be happy to help!

How can I know where my order is?
At any moment you can check the status of your order by entering the button in the top \ bottom menu called "Order Tracking",
Enter the order number you were given when you received an email after payment
The order number is at the top of the email!

If I want to cancel an order?
To cancel an order, you must contact customer service at 0556834141 or send an email to:
And we will address the issue, during business hours.

If I want to cancel an order?
To cancel an order, you must contact customer service at 0556834141 or send an email to:
And we will address the issue, during business hours.


How soon will the package I ordered arrive?
Depending on which way you chose the package to arrive, with a courier at home or a dispatch to pick-up points?
If you select the pick-up points, you will wait for the pick-up points to decide.

Return / replace items

I purchased an item, and I want to exchange / return?
All you have to do is send us the item through the pickup points, and as soon as it arrives at the company's offices, we will credit you for the site credit or the amount purchased less 5% of the returned item,
(Depending on when the item is sent to us by law) If you choose to credit the site, you will receive the full amount (without deduction) on the purchase on the site.

I lost shipping receipt What should I do?
In this case, contact customer service and be sure to address this issue.

Is it possible to return items in Sail and discount?
Up to 30 business days can be refunded on Sale / Discount with the receipt provided the garment is in good working order.
As a credit, you will receive site credits and you can purchase with them!

Dimensions and fit

How do I know that I chose the right size for me?
Once you select the model you want to order, there is an exact size chart below, under the item image. Take a measuring tape and adjust it to the exact size, so make sure you order the one that works best for you!
And if you do not have a tape measure, choose the standard size you are used to wearing most often. (Dimensions are standard, so there shouldn't be a


You fell in love with the item and it's not in stock?
do not worry!! We will make efforts to return to the inventory of favorite items :)
Enter the item you want to order, and leave details in "Pending Inventory" and as soon as the inventory is updated, you will be sent an email with a link to order the product!

Data Security

Is the site secure?
of course!! The site is secure using SSL protocol, all details are encrypted. The site is secure to the highest standards!
So you can rest assured that the entire site buying process is done in a confidential, secure and encrypted way.

Charges and payments:
Can I purchase by bank transfer?
Yes, through customer service you can pay by bank transfer, call now! And we would love to help!


I got a voucher from you, how can I exercise it?
how fun!! First of all really easily and quickly! You can redeem the voucher!
First, sign in to your personal account or make a purchase to redeem the benefit, when you purchase the coupon code and you automatically receive the discount,
It's so easy!